Monday 26 February 2007

Time for an update

And you thought that was a blog update. But no!
Really, I would need to update my website. I've already moved my blog to a less shabby place, on blogspot. Some explanations needed about the website. I built it upon some "Slashcode" from back in the days (around 2000), in PHP, with no regards for possible upgrade, and plenty of hacks. I moved my blog there using PHPbloxsom (or something like that) when Advogato first folded. So, cleaning up my mess, you could find:
  • WindowMaker themes, dockapps and a bunch of GNOME EWMH 1.x hint patches
  • the infamous Bobbi video ("Hi, my name's Bobbi...")
  • Plenty of patches for the rio500 utilities, including animation support, and Walk500, the tip-top song manager for your Rio500
  • An original PPC "port" of xine 0.3.7
  • graphics for the kernel 2.4 release contest
  • Eject button support for PPC iBooks and iMacs (July 2001, and already into keyboard malarkey)
  • A kudzu patch to send D-Bus messages when new mount points are available, and the corresponding magicdev patch (gnome-volume-manager... in October 2003!)
  • a video of Chema Celorio sky-surfing
  • mentions of me having an iBook, or an iMac
  • an hiragana input method for GTK+
  • used-to-look-cool screenshots
  • the crazy SEGA Chu-Chu Rocket advert
It will all be gone soon, but the Internet Wayback Machine will keep it all for some time.

Update: I corrected Chema's name, and uploaded the video to Google Video, it should show up on the link above when Google has finished processing it...

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