Tuesday 19 July 2016

GUADEC Flatpak contest

I will be presenting a lightning talk during this year's GUADEC, and running a contest related to what I will be presenting.


To enter the contest, you will need to create a Flatpak for a piece of software that hasn't been flatpak'ed up to now (application, runtime or extension), hosted in a public repository.

You will have to send me an email about the location of that repository.

I will choose a winner amongst the participants, on the eve of the lightning talks, depending on, but not limited to, the difficulty of packaging, the popularity of the software packaged and its redistributability potential.

You can find plenty of examples (and a list of already packaged applications and runtimes) on this Wiki page.


A piece of hardware that you can use to replicate my presentation (or to replicate my attempts at a presentation, depending ;). You will need to be present during my presentation at GUADEC to claim your prize.

Good luck to one and all!


Mattias Bengtsson said...

I should get on with flatpaking http://xmage.de/ then! :P

Daniel Espinosa said...

Do you have a guide to create runtimes/SDK?

I would like to create one with Vala libraries.

Bastien Nocera said...

Daniel: flatpak.org has plenty of information about creating flatpak for applications and runtimes. A runtime is a self-contained "OS" layer. You can't just package Vala libraries, you'd need to have everything in there from the glibc to crypto libraries, etc.

In most cases, you'd want Vala to be used inside the applications themselves. You can create snippets that can be included for those though, follow the links to the examples and the GNOME applications and you'll see we do that for lua, as used by grilo-plugins.

Anonymous said...

I'ld love to see a vice-c64 flatpak. And one for Amiga emulator too.