Saturday 14 December 2013

Week-end hacks #3

Mo' thumbnailers

Simple enough, but I still managed to make 2 broken releases ;)

There's now a Krita and OpenRaster/MyPaint thumbnailer in GNOME git, and as tarball releases.

Freebox TV streaming

My ISP, Free, gives its customers an access point and TV set-top box. The access point is also a UPnP, Samba, AFP server and Bittorrent client amongst other things.

It's also responsible for handling IPTV, streaming to the TV set-top box. You can also watch TV on your laptop streaming RTSP to local clients.

This Grilo plugin, once all the issues are fixed, should allow us to show the TV channels in Totem.


jod said...

Can't wait for updated Vidoes in Gnome 3.12.

One question Bastien please, will Vidoes use GtkHeaderBar in 3.12?

Keep up your amazing work!

Bastien Nocera said...

jod: Videos in git already uses GtkHeaderBar.