Sunday 21 July 2013

Week-end hacks #2

More thumbnailer work, as it's something I can do 20 minutes of, and then go and do something else.

As my thumbnailers were starting to get samey (either the code would spit out PNG/JPEG data, or would create an actual GdkPixbuf), I've created a skeleton file that handles most of the dirty work. It's available on github.

I've also created a MOBI thumbnailer, that's integrated to gnome-epub-thumbnailer and in release 1.2.


Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for your gnome-thumbnailer-skeleton. I used your framework to implement an album cover thumbnailer. Still work in progress... Have to add support for embedded ID3 tag cover extraction.

Bastien Nocera said...

Luca: Glad it's of use though ID3 support shouldn't be strictly necessary, Totem's video thumbnailer already handles them!

Unknown said...

Bastien, could you please elaborate a little more?

My intention is to display the same thumbnail totem thumbnailer provides for the MP3s for the container folder (only if all the MP3s in the folder contain the same image).

Thank you!

Bastien Nocera said...

Luca: Looks like a combination of the totem-video-thumbnailer (which also handles MP3s, MP4s, etc. covers), and gnome-directory-thumbnailer would do what you're trying to achieve.

Unknown said...

Bastien, yes, I'm aware of gnome-directory-thumbnailer, but its approach seems a little bit aggressive to me. The thumbnail of a directory full of PDFs is the thumbnail of one of them. The very same for audio files. I would prefer a more kind approach and generate a thumbnail only in case of homogeneous content (like an album), keeping the standard folder icon in all the other cases.
If I were able to configure gnome-directory-thumbnailer to fit my needs, then I would be happy using it.