Monday 15 August 2011

Desktop Summit all done

Like a large number of Desktop Summit attendees, I made my way back home shortly after the end of the conference. I will spare you the details of my schedule, and will share a few things of note.


As I attended one of those recently, I did a presentation about them for the Advisory Board on Tuesday. The things to come out of the discussions that followed is that we would want more reporting in some cases, even post-hackfest if the network access isn't good enough, or there are loose items (filing bugs, long-term goals definitions, etc.).

This help our AdBoard members, the Friends of GNOME contributors, the community, as well as the hackfest sponsors, know how the hackfest helped the project.

Seeing as we were in a shared event with KDE, I would also like to note that if you want to work on lower levels of the stack, such as hardware enablement, or features that can be shared as standards through, talk to the board about organising a Hackfest.


My presentation about tablets (and not sofas) went past. I'll know for next time that antihistamines don't make for a clear mind, but if you were present and I missed a particular subject you were interested in, don't hesitate to contact me.

During the conference, Nohemi fixed a number of the bugs I reported through her mentor, and my tablet can now be booted with the on-screen keyboard enabled by default.

I also prepared a presentation for the Advisory Board meeting that ties in to the above subjects, which generated a fair bit of discussion, but this will require reporting separately.


  • They have high towers and holes in Berlin
  • I'm a sucker for a bratwurst, and had the best kebab of my life
  • Museum Island is impressive
  • I was in the winning team at FreeFA, though people say we had too many Brazilian full-backs on our team.
  • Kay knows how to make a rose from a napkin
See you all next time in A Coruña!

Update: No dots in "A Coruña".


Anonymous said...

No dot after 'A' in 'A Coruña'. 'a' is Galician fem. article.


Guillaume said...

Do you think we did a bad job reporting what we did during the IM hackfest?

I tried to keep most of the stuffs on the wiki (that I continued updating after the hackfest) and turned our discussions into bug reports.

I'd be happy to know what we could improve for the next one. :)

Bastien Nocera said...

Anonymous: Fixed, thanks.

Bastien Nocera said...

Guillaume: Very far from it, it was used as an example of how every other hackfest should do it.

Let's just say that I had to go and find end-of-hackfest reports for some of the hackfests, and that some still don't have any reports linked to them. It's certainly not encouraging for people to support in those cases.