Monday 13 June 2011

IM, Contacts and Social Hackfest, day one

In Cambridge (the proper one, in Cambridgeshire), at the Collabora offices, for the first day of our IM, Contacts and Social Hackfest.

Today, we:
  • discussed end-user problems with Telepathy and Empathy's gnome-shell integration (and started the specifications necessary to fixing some of those bugs) (everyone for the problems listing, Danni and Guillaume for the start of bug fixing)
  • started working on integrating gnome-keyring dialogues into the Shell (Stef Walter)
  • fixed libfolks bugs (Philip), and discussed a potential problem API problem in the folks to evolution-data-server synchronisation code (which will be used in the Contacts API) (Travis, Raul, Bastien)
  • packaged up gnome-online-accounts for Fedora (Bastien)
  • worked on better high-level tp-glib support for file transfers (Morten)
  • HMAC support in glib (Stef Walter)
Tomorrow we'll have Rob Bradford joining us, and probably start talking about GNOME Online Accounts integration with libsocialweb, as a way to kickstart its use all across the desktop.


Miloslav Trmač said...

Please tell me that the HMAC support uses an existing crypto library instead of adding a new implementation.

Anonymous said...

looks great! where can I find the gnome-online-accounts RPM?

Anonymous said...

Is KDE out of scope for this meeting?

Bastien Nocera said...

Anon #1: Yes, KDE is out of scope for this meeting. It's a GNOME hackfest...

Anon #2: gnome-online-accounts packages are at:

Miloslav: It's an existing implementation that'll be moved in glib itself.