Wednesday 1 September 2010

New sharing UI update

Even though the current status is best gathered from bugzilla, I'll post a few teaser screenshots to whet your appetite.

Sending to Twitter/Twitpic

Sending to Flickr

The interface will see a "folks" based sending item called "Contacts" at the top of the sidebar, and we should see some more services and devices appear as well, as libsocialweb gains support for them, and old nautilus-sendto plugins are ported.

More when those pesky upstream bugs are fixed.


korbe said...

You use libsocialweb? Why don't use "Data Providers" from Conduit. It's more flexible.

Anonymous said...

Instead of using the term Service, saying its not configured, then adding a Configure button, why not just put whatever's on the configuration screen right there?

Bastien Nocera said...

korbe: because I don't see any movement in Conduit (last 8 months of activity on master were translations), and that libsocialweb is maintained, and will be in the future, as part of MeeGo.

anon: because we can't really do that for every service available. It would mean reimplementing bisho completely, craziness about authentication and initial application authorisation, etc. Not something we want to get into.