Thursday 1 April 2010

Code for cash: Summer of Code ideas

As you might know, the time as come to put in your applications for Google's Summer of Code project ideas.

There's a good bunch of ideas available on the GNOME side of things, but if you fancy helping out GNOME without working on GNOME, you might also like the ideas from FFMpeg, GStreamer, or BlueZ (some of it directly related to gnome-bluetooth).

And if you're into web development, we have 2 good ideas in the GNOME Wiki (See the Front-end for common web services and Collaboration server/client ideas).


Sandy said...

LOL, not sure how to take the "2 good ideas" comment! ;-)

Thanks for getting the word out.

Bastien Nocera said...

Arf, sorry, maybe I should have qualified that a bit better. "Two great ideas in my very biased opinion because I put them there" :)