Thursday 27 November 2008

Momentous moment

Tonight, 3 months after ordering it, I finished watching the complete West Wing. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in politics, especially when put into context with the Clinton, Bush and upcoming Obama administrations, as well as the Gore, Kerry and McCain presidential races. Now maybe I should watch some episodes of the New Statesman again, to flush that too-political feeling.


tm_lv said...

How about "The green Wing"?
Not political at all, but totally hilarious (ok, tastes might differ), and has "wing" in the name.

Jono Bacon said...

Man, I know what you mean - I bought them all and finished them all too. The last season was fantastic and the whole Obama movement aspect reminded me of it. :)

Hope all is good. :)


Anonymous said...

I'd recommend that you get some Yes Minister and Yes Prime-minister to restore a bit of synicism to how politics might actually work ;)