Wednesday 17 September 2008

Flying in the mofo all over this b*tch

Landed in Portland for Plumbers.

Why on earth does Delta give personal video systems for internal flights, when the 9-hour translatlantic flight I was on only had the communal screen? And why would one want to pay $6 to watch a single film when a personal screen is available. It's like an American Ryanair.

Where's the mofo?


Anonymous said...

Planes. Depends on the model. Newer ones come with good entertainment systems. Some popular older ones can be easily retrofitted. Others aren't, or can't be. It all depends on the plane model.

Most decent carriers provide good information - somewhere - about the amenities on each model of plane in their fleet. The really good ones let you know exactly which plane will be used which flight, and let you pick (I like Air Canada for doing this).

Mind you, I tend to just read during flights anyway. But yeah, that's the deal. Try and get on a modern plane (like a Boeing 777 or something), or an older one that's been upgraded. Don't get stuck on a 1980s 767 that's never had an upgrade.

Unknown said...

It's like adamw said. Also, the reason the Delta plane was newer was that the airlines can effectively use that size plane, so it gets more wear and a return on the cost quickly, while the international ones get much less use.

I know American tells you on their sign boards what plane it is and all airlines that allow you to pick your seats tell you the plane when you are picking.

This happens in countries other than the US as well.

But anyway, yes I hate it too when an international plane doesn't have a in flight system that doesn't suck. One I was on had the rack-of-VHS-taps.

Anonymous said...

remember, smoking is not allowed!