Wednesday 5 March 2008

Gadgets and gifts

The great sport that is Vincent sent me a copy of Hacking vim for my troubles. Hopefully, I'll be able to get more code written, as requested.

In the free stuff department, last week, a kind soul at Ericsson sent me 2 Sony Ericsson mobile phones, one being the pretty new Sony Ericsson k850i. The other (less interesting) phone is already on its way to one of the gnokii developers without such a device.

I've started playing around with it. It has a good bunch of interesting modes when plugged in via USB, or over Bluetooth, which beg to be (better) supported including:
  • MTP device (Rhythmbox and gvfs)
  • Mass Storage media player (Rhythmbox)
  • ObexFTP over USB and Bluetooth (gvfs, obex-data-server)
  • Serial port (NetworkManager, gnome-phone-manager, gnokii)
Funnily enough, poking people at Nokia didn't get me a test phone in the ~2 years I tried. My wishlist is online :)

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