Friday 2 March 2007


Plenty of footie lately, never enough really, but still a lot. I watched a couple of games on telly, including the great FA cup tie against Reading on Tuesday. I'm also going to watch Man Utd v. a Europe XI at Old Trafford Tuesday a week. Hopefully a good game of football given the talent on show.

I'm enjoying my 6-a-side football, putting in some decent performances. Defensive midfield is where it's at. I've scored a couple of interesting goals: coming from a defensive position, I wasn't closed down in midfield, and whacked a swerving and dipping 20-yarder in the middle of the goal. I also like my pass in the net from the left of midfield. Lots of bodies in between me and the goal, but my cross just evaded everyone. The defense wasn't happy at the goal keeper, and vice-versa. The last one was a right-footed volley from the right of midfield, for Erkut's last game with us. And today, I'll be hoping my new jersey gives me some skills.


Anonymous said...

If anything it'll improve your karate flying-kick skills :)

Anonymous said...

yeah those important flying kicks will definately improve ;)